Jessica + Gem’s Grand Road Trip Adventure: Hot, Cold, and Super Cool!

July 5, 2014

Hello! Haven’t posted for a while!

A couple of months ago, my good friend Jessica had some great news! Her husband received an awesome opportunity to work in Paris, and they were planning to move in the spring. They decided to sell most of their possessions and bring the rest of their belongings to their parents’ house… in Missouri. Jessica offered to let me come along for the ride, and I jumped at the opportunity!

For me, the trip was 13 days. We drove over 3,400 miles, took 954 photos, and visited 8 states. For Jessica, on the other hand, the journey is just beginning.

We left on Wednesday, April 23 for our first stop: Williams, AZ. I recently started using SnapChat, so here’s the first, official picture of the trip!


I love, love, love taking pictures of the road. I may have just been overly excited about seeing new climates/environments, but I feel like 30% of my photos were of the road.


Holy Moses Wash in AZ

We made it to Williams around 9 PM and ate at the hotel restaurant, Western View Steakhouse! The server was super nice – he told us his story of how he traveled the world through the military and ended up in Arizona. I mentioned that I liked really spicy food, and they gave me a super special hot sauce that they prepared for the day. It was super tasty! Both the manager and chef checked on us to ask how the sauce was, and I finished the last drop of it. Yay!

The next morning, my weather app said that it was 32 degrees outside! Freezing, literally! I ran downstairs just to see what it felt like – I don’t think I’ve ever been outside when it was that cold. Brr. The clouds and trees were pretty, so I took a picture.


We headed to the Grand Canyon. It was quite grand, indeed! We budgeted one hour to drive the South Rim, but we ended up taking three. When we turned a corner and got our first glimpse of the canyon, we got super excited and pulled over immediately. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful, majestic, epic, and <insert more adjectives!!> it was… how it took billions of years to form.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Wow! So Grand!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon feat. Jessica’s hands!

My feet at the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Standing at the edge!

We found a cool looking rock at one of the look out points! As I was trying to get into crow pose, a woman came up and freaked out. “Oh my gosh! I can’t even look! She’s going to do a handstand!” Jessica paused and asked “WAIT. Gem… you’re not going to do a handstand, are you?!” I was all like “NO WAY!” Anyway, I almost face planted on this jagged-y rock, so we took this nice picture together instead.

Gem and Jess sitting on a rock at the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Our tight schedule didn’t give us much time to hike, but at one of the look out areas, we climbed down a bit to get a closer look into the canyon. We found a good spot 10 minutes away and sat at the edge to enjoy the view and the cool, crisp air. Jessica was totally right when she said “When we’re at this ledge and away from all the noise, it feels like we’re the only two people in the park.”

Ukulele, Grand Canyon, Arizona

My uke came along for the ride :D

11 days later, I got a completely different perspective of the canyon.

Top Down View, Plane, Grand Canyon, Arizona

The wonderful Jessica is also blogging about our adventures! Please check out her post: The Road Trip Begins!

Thanks for reading!! Please stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Jessica + Gem’s Grand Road Trip Adventure: Hot, Cold, and Super Cool!”

  1. Devee said

    Looks like a lot of fun! That’s too cold though!

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  3. […] Btw, my friend Gemma is also posting about our road trip!!  You can read about it here: Jessica + Gem’s Grand Road Trip Adventure: Hot, Cold, and Super Cool! […]

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